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Keiko Ayano (綾野 珪子 / シリカ)
She is 13 years old and a middle level dagger user. She is a very cheerful and sweet girl.
She is one of the very rare “Beast Tamers” in SAO. She has a very rare familiar a “feathery dragon” that she named Pina after her cat in the real world. She treasured Pina a lot and was the reason she survived in the game. Aside from being a female player, she is also a Beast Tamer and thus perceived as an idol amongst the middle level players. She received endless invitations from parties and guilds who wanted an idol player to join them to get more fame.
Because of the attention she got, she became overly proud of herself and left a party one time after a misunderstanding. She got surrounded by monsters and lost Pina in the end. She was then rescued by Kirito who was passing by and helped her to resurrect the dead familiar.
Anime: Sword Art Online

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