WebeWeb – Daisy Model (sets 01~143 (in total 82))

List of sets:

2 Responses to “WebeWeb – Daisy Model (sets 01~143 (in total 82))”

  1. blueberry says:

    I know it is not your fault, admin, but this was a big disappointment. I already had sets 001-118, but, looking at your list of sets, I though at least I would get 19 new sets (119-143 with gaps). Sadly, when I compared the two collections, I found that most of the sets in your post were under the “s” number, not the official set number, and all of your sets were in the “official” range 001-118. So nothing new for me. C’est la vie. But I think I will have better luck with Hyde and Rose!

    • admin admin says:

      Sorry, but all content prvided “as is” and the Admin disclaims all warranties with regard to this content!
      Thank you for understanding!